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season letter


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Nice to meet you. Greetings. ​


This is Aigamon Club. ​


In Kikuka-cho, Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture, rice and duck meat are grown using the duck farming method.

We also produce and grow chestnuts, chardonnay, and astringent persimmons. ​


Farming in a land rich in nature. The sun, earth, air, and water all

It's our blessing. The crops that grow with this blessing are

It contains both gentleness and strength. ​


And we, as creators, are responsible for the development of our minds and bodies.

Be ourselves, be organized, feel comfortable and have energy.

I feel that what I put into it is very important. ​


A good circulation between nature and people,

It goes from the creator to everyone. ​


``Food'' in our daily lives, supporting your dining table

I would be happy if I could do it. ​


I hope that through agriculture, I can bring light to everyone. ​



Nobuo Ichihara/Naoko

season letter

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